Friday, April 20, 2012

Garden Party With A Few of My Helpers

While cruising around in "blogland, I came across a post at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home about a "Garden Party" today...I don't have alot blooming right now, being in Michigan, and after several nights of hard frost...but I am such a HUGE fan of gardening, I just had to join in! I took my kitty cats, and we went on a "tour" to see what we could find.....

First up is my tree has just 2 blooms so far, with a few more on the way

Next is a gorgeous purple lilac I grew from a mere stick of a start, it smells so good and I can smell it from afar!!

I have several "Basket of Gold"...I just love these as they are so delicate and try and add a few more each year....

I have included a picture of our home with a beautiful Dogwood in bloom....

While taking photos I noticed "our" ducks at the creek, they come back year after year, it's probably been 10 or more years they have been returning...always 2 Mr Ducks and a Mrs....hmmm....Mr Duck was interested in watching my hubby mow!

The next two photo's are of my garden helpers  Soot and Kitty Witty.....they are a great help when I am weeding, they like to scare the bejeebers out of me, by hiding in the plants and then either swishing their tails so I think it is a snake (they are lucky they still have tails) or leaping out at me....the little monsters!!

My last photos were taken on April 18, 2011.....I won't even comment as the pics tell it all!!


Lisa said...

Oh Diane, your pictures are amazing!! What gorgeous flowers!! Dogwood trees are my favorite and I love, love the smell of lilacs!! And how adorable are your "helpers"!! I laughed so hard at your "they are lucky they still have tails" comment!! I am going to pretend I didn't see the April 18 pics :( We've had a couple of hard frosts, but thankfully no snow. Still, the frost did some damage. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

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Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

Oh the site of flowers this early makes me swoon. Like I said in my email to you, we have almost nothing blooming around here yet. I do have some grape hyacinth and I see forsynthia blooming in the area (I don't have any). Your gardens look lovely!

Have a great weekend!