Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of Layers & Another Michigan Winter Sunrise

I should of been cleaning the house.....not as much fun as "blogging"~I saw on Sherry Cheever's blog a layered card she did using her SB label dies.....go and check it out, it is just plain gorgeous...I have to do another one, as soon as I can find my CD with all my images on it..I have a bad habit of misplacing won't change.......I had to improvise with my card...I don't own any of the SB label sets~yet.....this one has 6 layers...and I forgot to emboss the edges.....that's what happens when my creative room and my computer room are at opposite ends of the house, by the time I walk from one end to the other, I forget what I was doing....anyhow...let me know if you "like"!
Next photo I took early Wednesday morning as I was letting Nellie very pretty...and hopefull that soon (2 1/2 months) winter will be gone!!


Beach Cat ! said...

oh my gosh, that sunrise photo is gorgeous. We get sunrise over the Atlantic but it is NOTHING like this. Or maybe you are just a better photographer than I am ... ha ha.

stampinfrog said...

This layering technique is gorgeous!Love the image you have used and the color combo is fantastic!I want to try this technique as soon as I can!
Your sunrise pic is beautiful!!!

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

Oh my gosh! How cool is that!! Love your fun layers and design!! It's so good to have fun and who needs a clean house anyway?!! LOL!!

Kelly said...

What a fun card. Love all the layers!

Nichole said...

That card is awesome. Ye, the sunrise was beautiful. Brad tried some new shortbread cookies with jam in the middle - yummy! Those look delicious too. I love ricotta cheese but that sounds so different.