Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Days of Spring

Okay, whomever forgot to tell Mother Nature its Spring, is fired!!
Lovely day isn't it??
Poor Mr Robin Redbreast...he looks cold and hungry!!


Lisa said...

Brrrr!!! We got the freezing temps, and snow flurries, but no accumulation like this. I want flowers and sunshine!! Have a great evening my friend :)

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Heather Jensen said...

Beautiful photos. The Robbin's are all over here too. :)

Ros Crawford said...

Yep, we have snow too! So much for global warming ... At least your robin looks a fat little guy ... I'm feeding everything from cats to pigeons! The birds seem to love cat biscuits ... especially the magpies ... Stay warm

Kathy Inozarks said...

beautiful photos-I know the poor birds think is is suppose to be spring now

Kristi said...

Aw poor birdie! Those are gorgeous pictures though! We don't get that kind of scenery down here in Georgia!