Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you Emily

Emily at "emmiesramblings" has given me a nice award......I am to nominate a few people and tell 5 things about myself scarey is that as I hate talking about "Me"...LOL!

1.  I love to read....give me a good book  and I can get lost in it!
2.  I love to do jigsaw puzzles...though it annoys my hubby...I think he thinks its a waste of time.
3.  I have my own John Deere....well it might be a Gator, but its like my best friend when it comes to      gardening!
4.  My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds...those guys are "fab".
5.  I am addicted to "keno" I don't play it much!

There thats it.......boring as it (or me) may be!   Here are my nominees:
1.  Rhonda
2.  Mary
3. Curt      give them all visit!!


Parsley said...

You deserve a award. Congrats.

Emily said...

I LOVE Criminal Minds too!! Its one of my favorite tv shows!!

Kelly said...

An award well deserved Diane! Great minds think a like...I love Criminal Minds...Shemar Moore is HOT!