Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's On My Work Desk Wednesday??

Okay...I am going to "embarrass" myself today.....I am showing you "MY" workdesk (or one of them)'s messy....real messy ......loaded with stuff I have bought and just piled on......but I won a $50 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson...and if you order $150, you get FREE what's a girl to do right???  And then on Sunday I went to Joan's gardens...and when I left I taped a note to the fridge to my hubby...saying..."I took the checkbook...but don't freak out...I won't buy much....gulp...if I were Catholic I would have to go to here it all its glory...please note..."NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART"!!

Just wanted to add, this is my first WOYWW   "nice" comments are appreciated!!
I do have another post for today with my projects we made a the workshop at Joan's gardens on Sunday...take a peek!


KSD Creations said...

It is very "natural". Haven't you heard that nature abhors a vacuum, you are just being natural. No empty space is good.

I see some yummy Timmy bits and pieces in there. It looks like fun.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow Diane! some really awesome stash there and welcome to the WOYWW blog hop! It is great to have you on board and sharing in the fun, I love your flowers above too thanks so much for sharing, Shaz in oz.x

Kathleen said...

Hi Diane, your work desk looks great so many lovely things to see and I spy a must have with the flower die. Thank you for stopping by.
Kathleen x

sasa said...

Wow what a stash. desk looks busy but well loved and creative - what's all that Christmas stuff doing there already!!!
Hope you will call by Friday for the first My Mojo Monthly. Thanks for sharing today.
Sarah at 6.

Shirley said...

What is it they say about misery loving company!!! I will not show you mine and suffice to say yours looks neat!!! LOL

jude said...

Gorgeous creative desk Boy theres some lush stuff youve bought!Have fun creating and welcome to WOYWW.
Have very creative week with those new goodies.
Hugs judex88

April said...

Oh WOW, Stash, Stash and more LOVELY STASH!! congrats on winning the $50 prize and even more congrats on just going for it to get the free shipping!! :o) i quite fancy a set of those tattered florals, keeping my eye out for a good deal. thanks for sharing.

KanataNewf said...

Totally love it! Makes me feel good about mine as well.

Happy WOYWW!

Sheena B #70

JoZart said...

That's not mess... it's just great stash! That's what we like to look at best of all ... not tidy, tidy, tidy!!
Welcome to WOYWW!
That was too good a deal to miss too....there's always lots of stash you didn't know you couldn't live without until you see it!
JoZarty x

okienurse said...

OMG Diane what a lot of stash and more stash and more...Love all the awesome stuff you got and I wish I could have gone to Joan's also but it is just so far away for me. Have a great week. Vickie #39

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my! Aren't you going to be a busy girl with all this new fun stuff! Every once in a while I go a little crazy, too. Then I have to find someplace to put all of it... Enjoy!

Stella said...

This is such a lovely way to load your workspace.... :) And it's a good thing to buy in advance; you never now when you really HAVE to use it. And the thought of having thinds "on hand" is wonderful don't you agree???? Please don't bother; I dream of a workspace like this. Love what you wrote about the checkbook; made me laugh!!


Kelly said...

Mess...I didn't see a mess. I see the workspace of a creative crafter. I had to laugh about the checkbook. I usually do my shopping on line and before my husband gets up in the morning and what I tell him is there was no one there for me to practice self control.