Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year & a 2010 Journey

 Happy New Year I am writing this I am down with a cold/sinus am showing a few of my favorite projects from my "journey"of cardmaking 2010.......see you all "next year"...thanks for visiting my blog!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Dinner

Behind in my Christmas postings...still have more Santa pics to post.....taking a break from "that" to show you the fabulous Christmas dinner I cooked......I made 4 new things....quite a risk...but all turned out so yummy...I felt like I should be on a cooking show!!  If you have never been to The Pioneer Women Cooks, don't walk...her recipes (links are below) are soooooooooo good and so easy to make......I love to cook (most of the time), but get bored with the "same oh same oh" our menu was
Resturant Style Smashed Potatoes.......all from her blog.....
I then added steamed asparagus drizzled with butter and topped with Parma cheese
Spinach Salad with Mandrin Oranges and Dried Cranberries...topped with Poppy Seed dressing
and a new cake bundt cakes...called Praline Mini Cakes...easy~easy~easy~good~good good!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus~Here Comes Santa Claus Part Two & A Card

 First up is my card I made for Curt.......the trees have bits of shimmery glitter in them......hope he doesn't see the card until it arrives...the stamp is a Hero Arts from awhile back!  Love the paper with the little houses, its from Basic Grey!  Now on to Santa!

Next up is my grandson Caiden .....he is 9 and a math whiz in school....he is in the 4th grade and is doing 8th grade math...Santa has gotten wind of that and has given him a series of 3 digit numbers to add and subtract quickly.....I think even Santa was amazed at the quick and accurate answer!

Then along comes Sophie...she is 8 and is a pitcher on a girls softball team...she is quite the little pitcher and she and Santa are having a discussion about that!

Next is Dylan at 12...even at 12 he is noway shy about telling Santa what he wants...Santa has mentioned bringing him a girlfriend.....I think Santa and I need to have a little talk!

Last (for today) is Stella...another of our 4 year olds (Sophie is her sister).....she is having a great time talking to Santa...and she was one that as she was opening gifts...she would scream out "OMG"..just what I wanted....she caused a lot of laughter!!!
Hope you are enjoying this as much as I how the kids make it so fun!!  Will be back tomorrow with more projects and more "kids"!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus~Here Comes Santa Claus Part One

Before I share my Santa "moments"...I have to share this card I received from my "friend" Curt from "Curts World".......isn't it just awesome????  I love the pinecone on has a touch of glitter, making it excited to get a "handmade" card...and its my first one....funny how I know tons of friends that create their own cards....and this is the only one I have received that is handmade.....they must be like a time crunch!!!  Thanks so much Curt....go take a peek at his will be glad you did...he does very creative projects you won't want to miss!!!

Along with my creative things I will be posting this week (yes, I have some things to decided to add a few pics per day of my family Christmas we had on the 19th...all 18 of my grandchildren got to sit on Santa's first up is Jamison...he is 4...he has told Santa he wants a blue and yellow monster truck....Santa keeps repeating it wrong...something like... okay you want a pink and yellow truck....Jamo (as we call him) says (blue) and yellow...the pic is when Santa finally gets it right....this Santa was awesome....
next up is Adison...he is 7......Santa seems to know that he takes Guitar they are having a discussion about that......
last (for today) is Trinitiy...she is 4....she wants make-up from Santa.....Santa tells her she is pretty enough without it.......aren't kids just the best at Christmas???   More projects and Santa pics tomorrow...hope you will come back!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flourishes Winter White Challenge and More!!

I haven't had much time to be creative lately....but it's snowing like crazy here...has been for when I saw the Flourishes Winter White Challenge...I said...why not? I have to admit this is not at all what I had planned to do, but I think I will do my original idea a bit later......I just received this TH EB folder in my countdown to Christmas gifts, so out "he" came.......the bunny is actually a Flourishes Easter stamp that was with a little chick, but I taped the chick off and made a "Snow Bunny"......pretty much all on the card for better detail...I used stickles all around the sentiment and onthe are a few more of  my "scrap" tags.....

Now to the countdown to Christmas day 6 and 7....the white spray mist was day 6 and the acrylic little mini album was day won't these be fun to use after the holidays!!!!  

The next picture is of 3 of my kitties trying to snuggle up and keep warm....the one on the pillow...well that is her pillow she sleeps on all the time...the other two are sleeping somewhat on an old chenille spread I put down for them.....spoiled babies!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Countdown To Christmas Day 3~4~5 ~More Tags & A Card

I have 3 more of my countdown to Christmas gifts I received......have to say, this has been so much fun!!!  Day 3 was a wonderful set of glitter buttons...I almost used one, but decided to "hoarde" them a bit longer.....Day 4 was a beautiful flip note pad (you will see one of them on a card later this week) and Day 5 (today) are these Stardust glitter pens......I can hardly keep myself from opening another one!!

I made more tags......I saw a couple of these somewhere, but can't remember where, a few are from the Dec Stampin Sucesss, and the rest I cut with my Cricut and went from there.....tags are so relaxing to make, as anything works....... 

the card I saw a similar one SCS, but she used several stamped trees...I changed it a bit, and honestly made 5 of these in 10 minutes!!!  I have added stickles to the tree and it really sparkles like glistening can click on it for better detail!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown To Christmas Day 1 & 2~& More Quick Tags

My sister and I got our heads together (that's and came up with the "bright" idea to do a countdown to Christmas for each other and our daughters using only products for card making and scrapbooking........I purchased 25 gifts for my sister and 25 for my niece.....she purchased 25 for "me" and 25 for my daughter.........and then we also each bought 12  gifts for my Mom...though those were just whatever we wanted........yesterday was the "1st" day and I received a bottle of "Lipstick Worn Stickles"....and look at my haul today...the Tim Holtz embossing folders...woowho!!!  I can hardly wait until tomorrow, and will post my goodies each day!  Come back tomorrow and see what I got!
The little tags were just 3 more I made in about 20 much more "special" in real life....they all have "pop" ups, which ya can't see in the glad to be creating again, even if its only little tags like these!!!