Friday, February 29, 2008


Here are a few of my "birdies" I am listing on Ebay this weekend under cabincreekprimtives, the first one is done in a vintage baby shoe. I made her with some vintage rose print fabric, added some "bursting with bloom" pip berries, and as you can see she is a pin-keep.

The second bird is made from an old tattered blue and white quilt (she even comes with a few worn spots), I perched her on a yellow ball I made from a vintage, yellow wool blanket, she has a few pip berries tucked in and she is also a pin-keep.

Third bird is sitting in a cone I made from a vintage hanky, her body is made from an old wool sweater that had some embroidered flowers. I tucked a little "nesting grass" and a few pip berries in. She hangs from a ribbon. These were fun to make and I hope to do a few others for Spring!

New Blogger


This is my first attempt at "blogging", so please be easy on me! I live in the midwest in an old log cabin on the creek. I love sewing prim and vintage looking items (I do sell under cabincreekprimitives on Ebay), and will be showcasing some of my items here. I also love to make cards and anything paper....I think paper and fabric just go together, if ya like one, then you have to like the other!

I have been inspired by many of the other wonderful blogs and love "looking" into their homes, getting ideas for mine! I will share some of my home photos with you, as well.

I am also an avid gardner, and hope to share some of the many photos with you all from time to time.

I really would love to get a neat blog banner, so if any of you can steer me in that direction, I would be forever grateful!

I named my blog after my golden doodle "Nellie"....I will post pics of Nellie later.

Well, thanks for letting me "ramble", and I hope I can figure all this out, it seems to be easier to look at someone else's blog then doing mine!!