About Me

Thought I would share a bit "about me"....My hubby and I have lived in our log cabin for about 19 years...it sits by a woods along a creek...we have named our place here "Cabin On The Creek"...its old...its cold in the winter, buggy in the summer, but we love it.  I have major flower gardens that I work in daily "in season".  I have many interests...so many, thats its a bit overwhelming at times....I love to papercraft~sew~garage sale~go to auctions~and refurbish old items!
My blog was named after my dog "Nellie"...Nellie is the most wonderful dog-child ever!!  She is a Goldendoodle and ever so smart...I just can't even think about life without her!  We also have 5 cats....sort of...no, I am not the weird "cat hoarder" you might see on the news...lol...because we live on 11 acres, we seem to be a dumping ground for cats!  We have 3 inside, all have been spayed...all were either dumped here or born here from a drop off....I have yet to pick out my own cat.......the outside ones have their own beds, in the wood shed and/or barn...we feed them....one is a spayed female, the other a  male...we don't have much of a mouse problem..."nuff" said!
You might see me "write" about our lake home...we have a newer home (oh how I love new homes) on Lake Huron...about 30 miles SE of the Mackinac Bridge...we go there whenever we can...we call that house "Summer Wind", since my hubby is a big fan of Frank Sinatra.....it sets very close to the lake, love the sound of the waves....we kayak in the summer months...kind of scarey on that big lake, but we are careful!