Friday, March 7, 2008

I posted my grandson Caiden, and thought about it, and decided I just could not leave out my grandson Adison, Caiden's brother. Adison is 4, but what comes out that child's mouth is when Caiden became the Prince of Apple Festival, I was dropping him off at school, I told him "have a nice day", and Adison piped up and said "have a PRINCESS day" where did THAT come from??? He just comes up with these quick and off the wall comments, sometimes you forget he is only 4!!!

So, here is a pic of Adison, also at our Apple Festival riding on his preschool float. (He is the one sitting to the left of his friend with the lollypop), which by the way is Nevaeh, (Heaven, spelled backwards)...enjoy...I sure did!!!

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