Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teapot Tuesday Challenge #11

I discovered another neat challenge on a blog called This Is My Story (HERE) . She posts a new teapot every Tuesday and you are to design a card using her teapot as inspiration. This is a great one for me, as I have lots of teapots myself , so I love seeing hers.

I used my CB to emboss the top part of my card, the pumpkin stamp is an oldie and a favorite of mine, I colored it with SU Stampin Pastels chalk, the ribbon is some Halloween I bought just recently, the DS paper I just bought in the last few days and it is perfect for this challenge! I cut a few Maple leaves out with my Quickkutz and added a few "jewels" for the flowers. In the center of one of the flowers is an orange button that represents the Teapot "lid"...a fun challenge!!!


Primitive Seasons said...

What a neat challenge and your card is great! Also love the redwings one with the Bella.


Mothermark said...

OMG! Now that is the pumpkin stamp I wish I woulda had! This is such a great card! I love how much it resembles the tea pot. Look how cute the teapot and your card look together! Can you tell I am a tea pot nut!

From one to another....thanks for offering the use of pictures of your tea pots...believe me when I way, I will run out! Or I could buy more! Snort!

Thanks for coming to my tea party and I am so glad you found me.....we found each other!

Great card!

It All Begins With A Tree said...

Holy Cow! What an awesome card for that challenge! It's beautiful!
I love Mothermark, she's a wonderful inspiration to me, just as you are!
Hope I can remember to do this challenge next Tuesday...remind me, if you remember. Maybe I should add it to my post it note collection?