Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden Inspiration #1

I am blooming...well my garden is anyway.......I decided this week to use my "blooms" as inspiration for my projects!  My first card is featuring my "PINK" Lily of the Valley......I purchased this unique color several years ago...one little plant for $7.99...I got my money's worth as I have dozens now and share them with  others!
The other pictures I took yesterday morning...already since then it has popped out even more...a deep~dark Iris bud yesterday is a full in bloom flower today...will have to get a picture of it later. I was gone for 4 days, plus we had rain and cold temps prior to leaving for several days, so now am waaaaaaaaaaay behind in what I thought was "keeping up"......while I was gone the racoons came and ate all my Yarrows and my newly purchased last year "Pink Poodle" cone flower....and they drank a can of Raspberry Lipton iced tea, that was set down by the garden and forgotten (Lori was that you?)...no kidding, they partied hearty while I was gone........the yellow cat (Pumpkin as we call him) in the garden is a "drop off" from last year.....he is rough, won't even go into the details, but this guy has way more then 9 lives.....we are amazed he is still around, he is living in my garden...wish he would scare the racoons away!!


stampinfrog said...

Diane your card is simply gorgeous!Love the pink Lily of the valley and I am in awe of your gorgeous garden!

xoxoxo ~Lori said...

Sorry for luring the coons with my raspberry tea!!!! I did get some beautiful pics in your garden! xoxoxo!

Kelly said...

You got it right when you said that you were blooming...blooming with creativity. What a pretty card. When I think of flowers, I don't think of lily of the valley but I think they are one of my favoites and I love them in pink!

Curt in Indy said...

Your garden is beautiful, and I love that picture of the cat in the garden. Your inspiration card is beautiful. Love how you are using your garden for inspiration! Best, Curt

Primitive Seasons said...

Gardens look beautiful Diane. Love the lillies! The cat looks so cute peeking out. Cards are nice too! Is that pea gravel or mulch on your paths? And it looks like a blue monarda next to the kitty? Just gorgeous.