Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take A Peek

Scrapbook Cards Today Magazine had a summer photo contest...I entered a picture of my sweetie granddaughter  "Little Miss Kendall" jumping out of her cousins Barbie car...I didn't win, but out of 100's I did get an honorable mention.....click on the link above and it is the second photo...fun!

I am still suffereing with the use of only one hand...annoying to say the least....so today I opted to wash the logs (yes I have to wash logs, the downside of owning a real log home...ugh)...at least it only took on hand, except it was hard to wring out the rag every few minutes...one more day to go and that job will be done until April......I will be working on some fall/Halloween cards and projects, soon...after I get my logs (and windows washed, too)...sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

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