Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cold and Snowy

Well, Mother Nature sure had a heyday with us this weekend.
We went from 50-60 degree weather to THIS!!

These were all taken about 7:30 this morning....
totally beautiful
but also a COLD 20 degrees with about 8" of the wet "stuff"!!

The picture below...see the "house"
well guess what?
There is NO house, just woods
but my camera picked up a "ghost house"...yikes!!


Anonymous said...

Rarely get snow in my home state and I know its messy, but this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Kraftychick said...

How beautiful!!! Perfect for sitting by the fire and looking out the window admiring the scene!

Darlene said...

Your photos are AWESOME and just GORGEOUS!!! That 'ghost' house is spooky!! WOW! I can't stop looking at it ...
Thanks so much for sharing the photos (and not the white stuff! lol)
HUGS! Stay warm!

Lisa said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous photos...well, except maybe for that ghost house!! Spooky!! I love the beautiful look of snow but I just don't want it here!! We had snow yesterday but thankfully it melted. But it's cold. Ugh. Winter. Not a fan. Have a great day my friend!! Big hugs :)

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Debbie said...

Wow, the snow missed us entirely. Did we luck out. The prediction here was 2-4". Love how your camera picked up that angle of the "ghost house"! I bet you were surprised to see that.

Sorry you had to the the white stuff. It can melt now. LOL


Ros Crawford said...

Oh wow!! Super photos Diane and that spooky house!!! It looks a lot like Stay warm and safe my friend, warm hugs are on their way

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, how utterly gorgeous that is! Weird about the ghost house. I didn't know digital cameras would do a double exposure. Anyway, the scene is beautiful, but I know it's not fun when it lasts most of the winter. We always get excited when it snows a couple of inches here, but that's rare. Then it usually melts before the end of the day. If you still plan on going to the lake house, please be careful driving!