Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Little Bit of R&R

Just a quick post to let you know that the hubby and I
are on vacation until the 11th or so.

However I have several scheduled posts I hope you will stop by and visit.
I will visit you all when I return and see all I have missed.
I will have sparingly internet
so this is a big  rest and relaxation for me.

I will be sitting on THIS porch on the shores of Lake Huron
enjoying the peace and quiet.

And enjoying this view.
(Too bad I still have to cook!
Oh, and see all those rocks,
they are now completely covered by water,
the lake is very close in to the house now, 
where it should be!

I decided not to take any 'stamping' stuff with me
so I can read and just take a much needed break
and hopefully come back with all sorts of 'mojo'.
The hubs, well he needs it too, between work and his
2 month fight with a 'woodchuck' ( woodchuck wins every
it will be fabulous to just do 'nothing'!!

So see you all when I get back!!


Darlene said...

WOW! Your 'north house' looks FABULOUS! What a view! One of these days I'll get up there to sit on that porch with you!! Enjoy your R&R ... you both deserve it!!

Leslie Miller said...

Ohhhh, it would be hard to not take something to color, but if I took it I'd probably never pick it up. Would love to sit on that porch and read and enjoy the view. Peace and quiet is very important to me, and I know it will help refresh your spirit. Enjoy your week, Diane!

Lisa said...

Enjoy your vacay my friend!! I so wish I could sit on that porch with you and enjoy that view!! It's absolutely stunning!! Have a great time!! Rest!! Relax!! Enjoy!! Safe travels!! Big hugs :)

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Ros Crawford said...

Oh how beautiful that looks! I wish I could come too ... We'd have a blast! Enjoy your break and come back refreshed.. Miss you already!