Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Recap of 2017

Happy New Years Eve!
Do you have plans?
We do, we are doing the same thing we do every year,
stay home, have a few snacks and are way in bed before the ball
Yep, that happens when you get old, you get a bit boring, 
but warm, cozy and safe I guess!!

I try each years end to show my favorites of my card each month.
Kind of helps to get my mojo going for next year.

Here they are in order of month...hope you enjoy them!


If you made it through this far, I would love to wish you and yours a
VERY Happy New Year.....may all your dreams come true!
I will see you next year!!!


Darlene said...

Happy New Year my friend! WOW these are all just fabulous and I can understand why they are each your favorites! Great designs & great choices! Thanks for always sharing such wonderful inspiration! Looking forward to another fun crafting year!!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, wow! I'd have to say these are all some of my favorites, too! Fantastic to see them all in a group like this. Ack, the kitty in the mail box, the love card, the baby card, the butterflies, the Christening card, the Halloween boot, the CAS made with love... it goes on and on! We're spending New Year's the same way, but we'll probably still be up at midnight to hear the fireworks go off. We could go to the top of the hill and see them, but probably won't. I'll be in my jammies by then. Sounds good to me. Happy new year!

Judy Woodland said...

Love seeing these, what a great idea. It's wonderful to see some of what you have created this year. Thanks for sharing! And stay warm, it was -8 below here last night, but the airport in Grayling reported -23! I'm with you, stay home and hunker, nice and cozy to ring in the new year!!!

Donna Phelan said...

OH wow! Love your recap--each card is more beautiful than the last! Our goal was to be in bed by 9:30--success! Happy New Year! xo~

Lin said...

These are lovely, Diane! I see we share a love of gingham - I think it adds such a charming little touch! I think my fave here is the last one - what an amazing mix! Thanks for visiting my blog, and Happy New Year!