Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday Teapot Challenge #17

I finally got to do another Teapot Tuesday challenge, I am sooooooo behind!! You can read about the challenge here and see her wonderful blog. I have a new favorite saying for myself "think outside the box". I have to keep telling myself that as I seem to get in a rut of the "same o same 0". So being said , usually when I do an inspiration challenge I find myself doing exactly the same thing over and over, if the inspiration is a flower, I do a flower, if its a ladybug, I do a ladygbug, so on this one I used the teapot for what it is susposed to be, "inspiration" of colors and designs. I came up with this "tux" card using black and white.

I used my crimper for the shirt underneath and added little pearl "buttons". I really needed 1 more pearl, but I need to replenish my stock of "jewels"! Not sure what I am going to do with this card, but maybe a bridal shower or something. It also is quite heavy and will take extra postage if mailed!

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Mothermark said...

Well, you definately were thinking outside of the box on this one! How creative and fun to come up with a fun little shirt card based on inspiration from the teapot! Your card is just precious. The crimping gives it that fancy tuxedo sort of look! Adorable and fun!

Thanks so much for the kind words and for making the trek to the teaparty!