Saturday, February 7, 2009

Think Spring

I am soooooooooo wanting the cold to go away and Spring to get here. It has been a cold and brutal winter here in Michigan, and I think everyone agrees we have had it!! It is very windy out today and it is to warm up to about 42, for us, that will be like summer compared to the below zero and sub zero temps we have had for months!
So, with all that being said, as I am working on new cards and projects to post, I decided I would share a photo from my garden last year of one of my very favorite flowers Verbascum. I don't much care for the plant itself, but the flower more than makes up for it. The ones I have planted, have a vintage look to them that I just love. I have them in about 3 colors and am forever searching for new varieties! Enjoy.....hopefully Spring will be here soon!

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Aimee said...

those flowers are beautiful... I so wish spring would get here.