Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bloom Baby Bloom!!

No card post today...I am still sick! But, I have this gorgeous Hydrangea to show you. I have 3 of these later bloomers, in about 3 weeks the white cone shaped flowers will change to a sage green and vintage pink combo. I just love them! It has been so dry here, my used to be gorgeous flower gardens are dying! No amount of watering has really helped, plus they are really too big for me to continue watering! Click on photo for a better "view"!


dpkennedy said...

I have three of these! In all I must have more than a dozen hydrangea varieties and right now the lace caps are stunning! I think I have an addiction! I have no more room in my yard for them yet I keep planting more! Enjoy!!

dpkennedy said...

Oh, I hope you feel better too! Thank for the sweet and funny comment on my blog!