Monday, September 14, 2009

Hauntingly Beautiful Masculine Card

I had these beautiful wolves stamped for some time....a CAS card, but perfect for a man.  I don't usually make alot of "masculine" cards, as I like all the bling on my cards....though I did manage to get a few "diamonds" on this one!
I finished the card early this AM, as I was woken by the "singing" of the coyetes....I have heard them the last 5 nights, though I love hearing them, I wish they would "move on", they make not only me uneasy, but my animals as well!
Here is a close up of the detail of this stamp.

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Curt in Indy said...

OMGosh I love this stamp! Where did you get it or who makes it? Do you remember? I have a friend that collects wolves and has even adopted some wolves at a reserve. This would make such an awesome card for his birthday coming up. Can you let me know? Thanks so much! Best, Curt