Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween~Night Visitors~Feeding Freenzy

Well, it s Halloween and I put all my Halloween "goodies" to rest until next year!  The month has flown by as life seems to do, but  am ready for this months "new" adventures!
I don't have any neat projects to share with you this morning as I need to get ready to leave on a "shopping" spree with a few of my favorite "girlies"!
But I do have to share Nellie and her pumpkin...there on 3 more behind her, I didn't realize she was so big!
Next photos are are from Thursday night of the deer eating what's left of my Burning Bush across the creek, it was just almost dark...and I took these from the inside of the house!

And last are my 4 inside kitties having a "treat"...and if you are wondering why the doormat is on the inside of the house, its their "scratching" post...they love it!

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Curt in Indy said...

Your photos are wonderful! I LOVE Nellie's picture! She has the sweetest face!!!! You have a gorgeous property! WOW that is so beautiful! Does Nellie play in the creek??? I wouldn't be able to keep my boys out of it! Best, Curt