Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Vintage Christmas

Don't you just love the vintage colors and images...I can't get enough of them myself!  I actually went into my "creative room" about 3am (yes, that's my normal wake up time) to make the "brick" card that was featured on SCS....but I had purchased these boxes of vintage chipboard pieces and have them stacked up and ready to use...they just called out to me.....I just love this one of the children on the sled with the dog running beside them...brings back memories of my brother and I and our dog "Tag".....we used to sled down a hill that at the bottom hit the train tracks and we would fall off laughing.....Tag always rode the sled with us and would jump off before we hit the rails.....only once did we have a close encounter with a train...I won't "go there"...gee my "momma" would of locked us up had she known what we were up to!
I am really into "stitiching" on my cards lately....did both zigzag and straight stitching on this cardstock is retired I want some of those colors back!

The tags were made with scraps as usual...maybe not my best ones...but the kiddo's will like them!


Nichole said...

That card is one my FAVORITES so far. Love all the colors and the feel of it. BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! This is so elegant and so gorgeous!! Love it!! HUGS

Kelly said...

Hi Diane! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog and becoming a follower. Your cards are GORGEOUS! On to my favorite blogs you go! Have a great week!