Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of Layers & Another Michigan Winter Sunrise

I should of been cleaning the house.....not as much fun as "blogging"~I saw on Sherry Cheever's blog a layered card she did using her SB label dies.....go and check it out, it is just plain gorgeous...I have to do another one, as soon as I can find my CD with all my images on it..I have a bad habit of misplacing won't change.......I had to improvise with my card...I don't own any of the SB label sets~yet.....this one has 6 layers...and I forgot to emboss the edges.....that's what happens when my creative room and my computer room are at opposite ends of the house, by the time I walk from one end to the other, I forget what I was doing....anyhow...let me know if you "like"!
Next photo I took early Wednesday morning as I was letting Nellie very pretty...and hopefull that soon (2 1/2 months) winter will be gone!!


Beach Cat ! said...

oh my gosh, that sunrise photo is gorgeous. We get sunrise over the Atlantic but it is NOTHING like this. Or maybe you are just a better photographer than I am ... ha ha.

stampinfrog said...

This layering technique is gorgeous!Love the image you have used and the color combo is fantastic!I want to try this technique as soon as I can!
Your sunrise pic is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How cool is that!! Love your fun layers and design!! It's so good to have fun and who needs a clean house anyway?!! LOL!!

Kelly said...

What a fun card. Love all the layers!

Nichole said...

That card is awesome. Ye, the sunrise was beautiful. Brad tried some new shortbread cookies with jam in the middle - yummy! Those look delicious too. I love ricotta cheese but that sounds so different.