Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mini Valentine "Tucks"

Do you make New Year's resolutions??  I don't, as I never do it anyhow, but I do make "goals"....goals are good, its something to "reach for"!  One of my (many) goals this year is to "use what I have"......I am a "gather-er"...I have as much fun "gathering" my supplies as I do using them.....problem is, I "gather" much more then I use!!  That's where these little mini Valentine "tucks" come in...I purchased these mini note card sets (2) at M's a few years ago~M's is a great place to buy "goodies" to alter.....and let me tell you I have bought my share...I have a bin full~untouched~each set of these little mini's have 10 cards and I have 3 done...yes, just 17 more to are great little cards to "tuck"in with a bit of candy or a small gift.....the stamps I used are from Stampin'Up!s set "Forest Friends".....perfect size for these little cards!

I did reach another "goal" sort all my paper "scraps"....It took me 2 days (not steady), but they are sorted by color...I bought these BIG Ziploc bags to put them in, they work well, they stand up well in a small bin I have tucked under my work when I need a color, I can just grab the bag and "dig" is working well...I find myself reaching for them all the time now!  Plus the bags at Target were only $3.24...very...very reasonable way to store!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! These are all so adorable and make wonderful Valentine's notes!! :) HUGS

stampinfrog said...

Diane these are so cute! Love the little animals and the papers are gorgeous!
I have stored my scraps in separate bags for a looooong time.It is a fantastic feeling to use the odd scraps first on a card!!!