Sunday, November 21, 2010

Almost...Almost Back!

Today is the last day of my craft Open House...what a ride it has been.......yesterday we had a thief....yes really...she ran out the door with our stuff....we weren't became apparent later that we "had been robbed" evil people that rip off hard working crafters...I lost a beautiful snow angel I had made.....I can't even imagine how some peoples minds work...evil I tell ya...evil!
After that being said, it has been fun.....but I am glad it is almost over til Spring at I can get back to blogging...not on just my own, but visiting...I have lots of catching up to do...I am ready for creative room looks like an explosion went off.....there is stuff everywhere...I will have to "dig it out" before I can even create again...I am the messiest crafter......"an artist at work".....thats what I call it......we had alot of people here....I love it, but its exhausting talking to everyone...and everyone wants to buy my house, I should of charged for all the pics they took of the even took a pic of my outside kitty (KittyWitty)...stalking and pouncing at a bird (no, she didn't get it).......the house has quite a history.....and it's exhausting to repeat it over and over, maybe I should print out its story and just hand that out...LOL......we open at noon today...I do enjoy my time with my sister, Mom and my niece though, its fun to "chat" ...well, will be back soon with my "creations"....I can hardly wait!!!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Diane, I wanted to let you know that indeed your swap box arrived yesterday, thank you soo much, gorgeous! I will be posting on Monday linking up to Parsley.

Your open house/craft show looked awesome. I am so sorry someone felt the need to steal from you. Karma is bad. Bad. I can't even imagine stealing. Hope everything else is a big success..

Thank you again for being my swap sister, everything is beautiful!

PS I sent you an email, also!

Parsley said...

You sound SO busy! Hopefully you'll get some rest soon. Can't wait to see pics of your swap and all your crafting

lana said...

omg have fun
hugs from canada

D. Jean Quarles said...

Wow! A thief? Really? That stinks.

Anonymous said...

my jaw has dropped and hasn't come up yet
how can someone be happy stealing
if they give it as a gift
it still isn't given from the heart
OMG so sad


Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear about the theif but glad that things went well and you had a good time. Can't wait to see what you come up with after you "dig yourself out" of your craftroom. By the don't have the market corners on being a messy crafter...It must come with the territory! See you soon!

Emily & Scott said...


I'm sorry that that awful person did that to you!! You put so much time and effort into something good only to have someone be awful!!

Other than the bad I hope you've had a good time with your craft open house!! You had some amazing things in your pictures!!


Mic said...

Diane, so sorry about the theft! Don't see how some people can sleep at night. But glad that you had a good show. Have a wonderful T'giving! Pam N.

Curt in Indy said...

Craft fair sounds like it has been great, although tiring. And that person that stole from you! How awful! I just can't get over people. But you never know what their story is, and maybe that is the only way they knew to get gifts for Christmas. Sorry that happened to you! Best, Curt