Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do You See What I See????

Crazy~crazy weather here in the "snowbelt" of Michigan as they like to call was a lovely 20 degrees this morning....snow is all gone in 24 hours...and Tuesday predicted to be almost 70...crazy I tell ya...just crazy!!
I took the first pic on Friday night from my living room window...the other two are from the sunrise this morning...I stepped outside to take them...brrrrrrrrrr.......had to prove to my hubby that it really did snow here...he is out of town and I know won't believe me when it snowed while he was gone......the snow band is all the way from Lake Superior down to Kentucky.......just not ready for it!


Norma said...

Wow Gorgeous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Dawnll said...

Even though it is pretty you keep all that snow in MI we don't need any in

Kelly said...

We've had some crazy weather here in Florida too. Record highs and record low in the same week! These pictures are gorgeous...the kind of pictures you want to enjoy in the comfort of a warm toasty home!