Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Stenciling Going On

This is my post on the Classy Cards 'n Such blog today.
The challenge there this week is stencils....and you just need to use a product
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Hi All, Diane here with you today sharing with you in detail how I made my
"stencil" card for Challenge #16 "Stencils"...I hope you will join the challenge
with a creation of your own!!

 For my card, I used the very gorgeous "Dreamweaver" stencil  "Quilt Block". 

To begin, you need to cut a piece of Double Sided Adhesive Sheet
slightly larger then your stencil, leaving a border all around.  Cut a piece
of white card stock the same size and apply one side of the Adhesive Sheet to it.
Remove the backing from the card stock front.

Using Handmade Hawaiian Coconut Soap , apply it liberally to the backside
of your stencil.   Lay your stencil on top of your Adhesive Sheet with a border all
around.  Using a very thin craft foil, lay it on top of your stencil, and with a small stylus,
start tapping it on to your stencil in an up and down motion,
 pick it up now and then to make sure it is covering each design
 (don't worry if it isn't all completely filled in, that will happen later).
 Also, with your fingers, rub some of the foil along the border you have around the outside
edge of the  stencil, it doesn't have to be completely covered either.

Once you are satisfied you have the  foil on where you want it, cover the entire piece
with Ultra Fine Black Flower Soft.....lightly press/rub it on with you fingers.
Lay a scrap piece of paper down and shake and tap off all the excess.  Try to get all the loose
pieces off, you don't want to get it mixed up with your glitter (ask me how I know?).

Now here is the fun part.  VERY carefully peel your stencil off the adhesive. 
You don't want to bend your stencil!  It sticks down pretty good, so take your time. This is also the reason you have to apply the Handmade Hawaiian Coconut Soap first!
Grab your Sparkle 'n Sprinkle Ultra Fine "Crystal Ice" glitter and cover the entire piece
with it,  Using a scrap piece of paper underneath will allow you to pour it back into
it's container.  Finish "your" card however you want.

A few hints if you want to give this a try.  The adhesive sheets are very "sticky".  I would
try and take a bit of "stickiness" off first by  pressing a Ziploc bag on it first or something
like that,  before applying the stencil, making it easier to remove the stencil when ready.
I also would suggest trying a more "full" stencil piece, for your first one.  Beverly has numerous
ones in her shop under "Stencils" to choose from.  I have not tried this with a plastic stencil, just
the metal ones.
 I hope you enjoyed my "stencil" post today...see you back here soon!!


Darlene said...

What can I say? WOW!
This is fabulous and all the glitter is beautiful! My card seems pretty 'mundane' compared to this beauty! BUT ... I'll just have to work harder! LOL!
Thanks once again for inspiration my friend! Stay warm!!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Diane!!!! So creative!

Lisa said...

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love, love the design and the amazing sparkle!! This is truly fabulous my friend!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, yes, this is pretty!! Look at all that gorgeous glitter! A real WOW, Diane!

nwilliams6 said...

Oh my, this sounds intense but the result is GORGEOUS! I love this very pretty card - it gleams with beauty!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Really stunning!!!! :D

Ros Crawford said...

So lovely!! And very unique! Been at the hospital all day with hubby ... He's had an op on his eye and I'm exhausted!

Jill Norwood said...

This is so clever and unique! I love it!!! Now I want that stencil!!! I love the quilt look it gives! :)