Thursday, January 2, 2014

"HOOPED" Creative Room Wall Decor

If you have been following/reading my blog, you might remember
that back in the first week of November I was swapping my creative room
to another room??
Well, let me tell you, what a nightmare
Right at this very moment, I could go on a "Hoarders" show...
well, not that bad, but I have a lot of stuff to donate!!
The room I am moving into has "walls".....not that my other room didn't
but we live in a log home and the room had log walls, so very hard to hang anything
and have it hang like it should!
So I came across this challenge that I played in last year, and then with the holidays
had to miss a few challenges.
Now that I am a "free" Women I can participate again..
It is (stay with me, it will all make sense, I
The challenge is to use the magazine cover they provide and "create" with it.
Well, since I now have "walls"...I decided to make a piece of wall d├ęcor for my room.
I "hooped" up a piece of DS paper from soon as I saw the magazine cover
I thought about this paper!!!  It took me another half hour to "find" it!!
It's not extremely easy to "hoop" paper, but I did it.
Now this might look like it is fast and easy, and to a point it was....
but those letters I used , because I stuck them on my craft mat to ink, it took
the stickiness off them,   ALLof  those letters I had to reapply 1/4" scor-tape to
so they would stick. took forever and was a bit tedious!!
I won those letters (Thickers) and another set last year for my win with the Tuesday Trigger
at the Moxie Fab world!!  The letters are a canvas like material and easy to apply ink to.
I, of course had to add a crown at the top (and it covers up where I had to "cinch" the paper
up and it left a wrinkle!!)  Easy Fix, plus every "creative Queen" needs a crown, don't you think??

I am showing you my other hoop I made a few years back of my now deceased Golden
Retriever "Nick" and her best bud "Andy"....I love how these too look together (the hoops I mean)

and I think I will make a smaller hoop to add to the mix... 
, now I need to get back to the room swapping!!


Darlene said...

OH WOW what a fabulous idea and it turned out GREAT!!!!!!!!! Love the idea and even though they were a pain in the patootie ... the lettering is PERFECT!
LOVE the crown ... I would have NEVER thought to add that but it's the perfect touch for the "Michigan Queen of Crafting" ... okay so maybe I should narrow it down to the "Niles Queen of Crafting" ... LOL!
Both hoops are FABULOUS (your doggies were so pretty)... thanks for inspiration! What an awesome idea ... (guess what's on my todo list NOW!?!)
Stay warm and safe ... still snowing here!

Leslie Miller said...

I never would have thought of putting paper in hoops like that, but I have to tell you it's brilliant! Yup, every crafty queen should have a crown, and you have a new castle to hang it in. I love the second one, too, with your doggies. Makes me sad a little, about Nick. I didn't know you were still in the swapping process. I've spent the last three days working on my room and finally finished last night. Whew!

Stephenie said...

Love this! The paper was the perfect choice, love the pens and scrolls on it!! Great colors, too!

Primitive Seasons said...

Love it Diane. Now let's do a post of your "room" so we can all see it!


Lisa said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous decoration, Diane!! I love the design!! The crown is such a perfect touch!! And the older one is amazing, too!! What a sweet picture!! Love these my friend!! I hope you are getting settled into your new space!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Ros Crawford said...

Wow! These are lovely and will look great on your walls!! That's clever using paper in the hoops! Have a stress free weekend!

Darnell said...

What a fun idea for a wall hanging, Diane!! Please do take a picture for us of all three of them on the wall when you are finished! Good luck with getting situated; I wish I lived close enough to come and help! I love doing that! Hugs, Darnell