Thursday, April 20, 2017

Get Ready to Laugh!!

This week at The Cutting Cafe is what I am going to call
'an embarrassing moment" for me...LOL!

The assignment was to show a picture of a portion of our creative spaces.
Should be easy, right?   NOT!!  I have a huge mess right now
and the only half way clean place (and even that is messy) was
my corner of the room that houses my 12 x 12 papers and my card stocks!
Want to see? Now don't be jealous...hahahahaha!!!


The paper on the left is all my 12 x 12 papers, a small portion of it anyways,
as it it from the floor up, you are seeing the top 1/3 ...and a 'collect all'
on top of that!

The other is a shelving unit (big one) form Lowes, it goes almost to the ceiling
and I have 2 of the big ones 
and one small one in the room and 
another in the closet for 'seasonal 'stuff.
The edge of the shelves easily hold my SU punches...some of them, 
the rest are on
the other unit the other side of the room and in a few dedicated 'punch' drawers!
Card stocks on the left are all SU and the ones to the right are all my 110# base card stocks.

Someday I will show my room all completed...I bought fabric for it years ago
to make skirts for my tables to hide what's under them,
curtains for the double windows and chair covers for the chairs.
It is a pretty large room with a wall of closets
and I have it set up one side for sewing and one side for paper crafting.
my work table backs up to my sewing table and I can move 
my sewing machine off when a friend come to paper play!

If you want to see a few other of the Design team Rooms,
make sure and pop on over to 
The Cutting Cafe on the 21st....
you just have o see Regina's room 
(which is why I am calling this an embarrassing)


Unknown said...

WOW! I am very impressed.....and not a snicker in sight! lol

Leslie Miller said...

Ha! Well, your title drew me in instantly. That's the only thing I laughed at, 'cause you know we've all been there. Seriously. Which is why I finally came to the point where I had to re-do my room. I don't create nearly as much as you, and I was overflowing with STUFF. I like how your punches hang so nicely on those shelves. Your room is full of treasures that any crafter would love to dig through!

Lisa said...

What a fabulous corner of paper!! I would need a week to clean mine before I could attempt to take a picture!! Hurricane Lisa has done some major damage in there ;) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

bumblebee creations said...

Awesome, Diane!! Cant wait til you share the whole room! Hope all is well!

Ros Crawford said...

See you've got a 'little' crafting stuff there Lol! My goodness! I now only work in White CS and keep a few bits of coloured ones ... If I need colour I print it... I just didn't have space for everything... Don't you wish the fairies would come and sort everything we need and chuck everything we don't need? Love that array of stamps BTW!

Regina Easter said...

you are so silly my friend....I love what I see so far...I WANTA SEE THAT HUGE ITEM FROM should of seen my space when i was in the garage with all of the other creatures that live can't wait to see the full room of yours......hugs

Jeri said...

Wowzer! That's a lot of amazing stuff to create with! I do not miss having that much at all, since downsizing to our "tiny home". Even in my tiny space I sometimes can't find something, so annoying. So nice to see where you create.

Donna Ellis said...

Your aped stash looks so organized and easy to access , Diane! Love it! And if your room is truly messy, I will feel right at home! XOXO

Christi said...

Diane, I Love your little corner of heaven you shared with us! I would NOT be ashamed to share the rest of the room! A Crafter does NOT have time to keep their room tidy if they do they are not crafting enough! (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!) He, I think I need to post that on my door! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am waiting to see your large room I really wish I had a large space. Thanks for sharing and BTW, I am a new follower and hope you come on over and follow along! Christi

Gail said...

Hey - what works Diane - I have another room with tons of boxes I go through to dig out supplies - so I get it! Lovely that is what I say!