Sunday, August 24, 2008

JDRF Scrapbook 2nd Posting

These photos I am sharing are some of my family. The first one is of two of my granddaughters, Mariah is the first one in the front of the photo. She is sixteen and this was her first scrap booking day. She really, really got into it and ended doing at least 6 or 7 pages and leaving with a bag of scrapbook goodies!

Next to her is my granddaughter Ally, she is 14. Ally has been scrap booking for several years and has lots of her own supplies. I think both girls had lots of fun. Ally is part of what this fundraiser is all about, she has had Juvenile Diabetes since she was 18 months old, I am hoping she can see a cure in her lifetime!

The next picture is of my Daughter Lori and her friend Heather. Lori is on the right. They have been friends since as long as I can remember (sometimes longer then I want to remember...LOL), but Heather is always there for Lori! I took lots more photos I might share later...but hope you all enjoyed these!

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