Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just To Say Hello

A fun card I made this morning. This card started out be way different then what I ended up with! I actually did some stitching with my machine on this one. Took longer then I anticipated as I had "hidden" my sewing machine "foot" away from the cats (they like to chew cords), I could of sewn without it, but its harder to control the speed. Well, let me tell you, I hid it so good, I couldn't even begin to remember where I put it! Anyhow this was made with just a few things I had "laying" around!


Katie said...

Hi Diane! Oooo you make the prettiest things! I am hoping you can help me with a technical question about the buy now buttons for paypal on your selling blog. When I insert mine I get a long space between the post and the button and was hoping you had the trick to it. If I delete the space it deletes the code and then the button doesn't work! Anyway, would love to hear from you and to visit too! My main blog is and a link to my selling blog is on there of course so you can see the space I am referring to. Or email me at Thanks in advance for any help you or any other selling bloggers might have to this!

Carolyn King said...

This is beautiful. I love the colors---neutrals and browns are one of my favs. I love how you did the sentiment too!