Monday, June 22, 2009

Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Bridge, or the "Mighty Mac" as we like to call it, conneccting lower Michigan to upper Michigan, known as the "UP" here.The front porch on The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, its the longest porch you will ever see, the film "Somewhere In Time" with Christopher Reeves was filmed here....just beautiful!
These are BIG, life size horses, all made of plants, they are called Peat & Moss...very funny!

This is just one of the 100's of lilac displays that are on the island, in fact they just had their "lilac festival"!

I spent the last 5 days "Up North" as we like to call it here in Michigan! While "North" we spent a day at Mackinac Island as we do every year to celebrate our anniversary! I didn't get the best pictures and not many either,a s it was a somewhat cooler and foggy day! But here are a few I thought I would share with you until I have time to "create" again!


Becky said...

These pictures are gorgeous.

Jackie said...

It looks so peaceful there, it is a beautiful place. My husband loves that movie, too.

bumblebee creations said...

you were so close!! I only live about 1 1/2 hours from there! Glad you enjoyed your time! Great pics!