Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A "Cheater" Card & More Tags & "Soot"

I purchased some "Copics" from Ellen Hutson and when they arrived  she had this beautiful stamped image with a "thank you"!  I couldn't resist turning it into a card...all the real work was done!  She also included some pretty ribbon, I will be returning to her "shop" for sure!

I did 4 more very quick tags...I now have 45 finished...I want to do a few that are more elegant, but I have a tag making day at my home on only have time for "fast" ones now.....these are good for the "kiddies" as they just get tossed anyhow...ughhhh....its hard to see them "go"...LOL!

This is my cat "Soot" reading an old copy of Stampin Up...wonder what she is planning to order??  Soot was a drop off kitty about this time last year....she is now a spayed housecat.....we are up to 9 drops offs...well three are  "products" of drop off's.....5 are outside "barn" cats...I wish these people that drop off their unwanted pets would drop off food and litter......I keep looking onthe top of the barn the sign that says.."wanted~all your unwanted pets"!!!  Don't forget your pets this Christmas!!!


Cindy Haffner said...

Love your card and pretty tags.

Anonymous said...

You always have such pretty things to share hun!! :) Love the embossing on that card and you've colored the image in nicely!! HUGS

Curt in Indy said...

Great cheater card! LOL Your tags are so wonderful. I just love what you do with them! And Soot!!!! What a beauty. But now to my rant. . .how in the world can people justify dropping off a defenseless animal and be able to sleep at night? OMG I think there should be physical punishment for people that do this! But thank God for people like you who take them in and care for them. There will be a higher place in Heaven for you dearest! Hug Soot and Nellie for me will ya? Best, Curt

Kelly said...

Love the card and all the pretty tags. Great choice of paper and embossing! Happy Friday!

Primitive Seasons said...

Diane: all your cards and tags are really pretty. I can't wait to get my Cricut. That snowflake cartridge looks divine!