Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Month~New Goals~New Card

Happy July One!!!!   I  am happy to see June behind me, it wasn't the best, so on to a new month...a new month of goals for is to do at least one scrapbook page a week and finish one a week that I have partly done...that can't be too difficult...we'll see!
Do you have alot of unfinished projects, something you started and it wasn't "going anywhere" so you set it aside to finish later??  I have a drawer full of such this morning as I was working on another project (and set it aside as it wasn't going decided to open the drawer and pull something out and "finish" it!!  I pulled out this card from last has a bunch of layers....I left all sentiments off,so it can be used for any done.....a drawer full to complete!!

On another note.....I have another blog...I have neglected it for quite sometime...but "brought it back to life" yesterday...if you would like to  visit its Nellie Doodle Cottage   a totally different blog from this one...I was using it to sell some of my creations~vintage finds and's back up and running.....hope to have a few of my linen dolls I make on it this month...see you tomorrow...I hope!!


Kelly said...

Oh gorgeous is this. I love the color combo and all the layers. I'm on my way to your other blog...see you there!

stampinfrog said...

Diane I love this card!Fantastic color combo and the bow is gorgeous!