Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nail Polish Marbling

Any of you that 'know me' or follow my blog
knew that my friend 'Dar' was coming from Ohio to
visit with me while the hubs was out of town.

We did many things,
took a train to Chicago (that's a story in itself) but had fun,
went to Amish land in Indiana,
went to an open house for Christmas,
and to another well decorated store to shop in Indiana,
and on Sunday I took her to our mecca shopping area...
we also ate a lot...but I didn't cook too much this time
as I look forward to the break of the hubs not being here to cook for,
but we managed to eat...a lot!

So after all out running around we needed to just relax a bit
and work on some fun crafty things.
We decided to do the nail polish technique,
However, most of my polish was pretty old,
and for this technique you have to 'flick' the polish on water,
but mine was so thick it wouldn't flick fast enough and
the polish would be dry too soon.
 We decided to 'dump' it straight out of the bottle
and then used a skewer to move it around.
You have to work very quickly with this technique as the polish dries FAST!

I made 6 panels and this card is from one of them.

I love how on the left it ended up looking like a leaf and flower 
and in the middle, love that four color swirl going through.
I added a Tutti Designs Hello die (cut 3 times and stacked).

Here are the other 5 panels I can use later.
You can see the one on the right is the first one I did by 'flicking the polish,
just not a great result.
No two will ever look the same that is for sure!

On another note we caved (after almost 3 years) and got a new puppy.
He is the calmest and sweet pup...yep a HE
and I have never had a male dog, so this will be all new to me.
(I didn't edit any of these pictures)

Here he is snoozing away in my craft room.

Trying out his temporary kennel, which he hates with a passion!

Granddaughter Mena holding him.

We got him on Tuesday (Goldendoodle) and he was 8 weeks yesterday.
His name is Mackinac (Pronounced Mack-in-naw)
and we call him Mack...easy!

So that's it for now, but make sure and visit my friend Dar's blog 
as she will have her nail polish card up today too...(kind of planned that way)!!!


Donna Phelan said...

Oh wow they came out beautifully! LOVE the colors and swirls! Now send me that video of a certain someone dancing lol, I need to make some cash on the side! ;)

Darlene said...

I'm so glad you had the idea of trying this technique ... after our flicking failure I'm glad you tried the pouring technique ... your panels all came out so beautiful! I need to go up to the $store and get some other colors but I'm happy with how mine came together.
LOVE your CAS card ... really showcases that beautiful panel. Thanks for sharing photos of Mack ... he's so cute and I'm sure will give you years of happiness!

Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Diane! Sounds like you and Dar had a great time, both sightseeing and crafting! I've never done the nail polish technique, and both does it look amazing done by your adept hands! The backgrounds are amazing, especially against the black "silhouette" die cut! Beautifully done! hugs, de

Lisa said...

Oh, I have to start with Mackinac!! He's the sweetest puppy!! I just want to sneak up there and take him and cuddle him!! So precious!! And what a beautiful picture of Mena holding him!! I hope you post pictures as he grows!! I still haven't been able to get another dog after my sweet poodle. Now I have three cats (who adopted me) who would not be receptive to a dog, I'm sure :)

It sounds like you and Dar had such a great time!! Your cards are amazing!! Each one is a work of art...they don't even need embellishing!! Love, love them...and what beautiful colors of polish you have!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Leslie Miller said...

Wow, I've never seen this technique before, but it's a pretty amazing effect and a great way to use up some old nail polish. I have some glitter polish which I'll bet would look cool. You have some seriously interesting nail polish colors -- blue and green and black. 'Fraid mine would be mostly dull colors. I want to hear that train story. Okay, now onto the most important news of the day... Mackinac! I'm so excited for you! It doesn't take long to fall head over heels in love, does it? As you know, I have a boy and a girl. LuLu was my first girl, so a new experience for me, but she's all sweetness and love, even though she can be a crazy girl sometimes when she's playing. Wally can be stubborn at times, but the sweetness in him defies description. So tender and loving. It sounds like Mack is going to be a very sweet boy, too. You're a good dog mom so you know it takes time and patience, but worth every minute of it. Mena and Mack make an adorable pair! Today you've made me very happy. Please share more pics as often as you'd like!

Judy Woodland said...

First of all, I love your sweet puppy's name....and I had to smile when you included the correct pronunciation. People ALWAYS screw that Love all your beautiful nail polish masterpieces. I have done this technique. And while it gives amazing results, I made an awful It's not as easy as it looks in the videos. Your papers are so pretty and I love your card!

Conniecrafter said...

They have turned out fantastic, great colors you have used together, I think all of mine is probably too old too.
Your little guy is to cute!