Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Full Moon At The Cabin

My dog "Nellie" (whom is pictured below this post) misses nothing that goes on outside, and last night being no exception at 2:30 in the morning, she was barking her lungs out! So I got up to investigate, up at the garage we have security lights and one was on and I could see the neighbors cat, so I yelled out the door for it to leave (not quite those words) and since I was up I started working on some cards. Just sat down in my stamp room and she started barking her lungs out again. This time it was this pesky opossum that has been pestering us for a few years. He actually stands at the slider in the kitchen and peers in....gives me the creeps. So I yelled at him to vacate, also. Then I noticed the beautiful moon shining down on the creek. I couldn't get a full shot of the entire picture (too dark), but I did a few pictures of the moon, so here is one for you!!

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