Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Plants In The Garden

On Saturday, my sister and I went to a few greenhouses to explore what was new, we found alot and our lists are much bigger then our wallets!! We did find a couple of unusual (for us) of new annuals that we both purchased. One is a grass that we are told will get quite large and people will be asking what it is and want it! It is called King Tut, now you just have to love a plant with a name like that! The second is called Candy Corn Vine. It looks just like real candy corn, we were also told that this thing climbs all over the place, and did I buy one, nope, had to have 2...what was I thinking???

The last picture is of my beautiful, not yet in bloom poppies, these are red, and I just love them, but look how pretty just the plants themselves healthy! When they are blooming I will post pictures of them later.

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