Saturday, July 12, 2008

Look What The Casino Bought Me!!!

Over the 4th weekend, my hubby and I went to our North home and the day after the 4th my neighbor asked me to go to the casino. Now I am NOT a big gambler, though it is fun, I am a very poor loser and as I am "throwing" my money away, I keep thinking of all the "stamping" things I could of bought, like when I lost $40, I thought, gee I could of bought a Scor-Pal with that!

I went with $100 and after losing $40 in the first 20 minutes, I had decided to go and get a coffee and quit and wait for my friend, in passing a $1 machine I put $20 in and soon had it to $77, I was about ready to quit (yeah right) and hit 3 green sevens and one was a doubler, so I won $500! Well, I cashed out and pocketed the earnings and by the time I left I was $519 ahead!

So, thanks to the casino, I decided to re-invest my earnings and look what I bought, (so far)! I ordered my Scor-Pal, and it was here in 3 days...I am LOVING it! I also got the Bind-It-All, and the Big Bite...and best yet, I got to use 40% off coupons on both of them! I purchased a set of cookie cutter die cuts from QuiKutz Revolution for the scalloped circles, these work just fine in my Cuttlebug by using the C plate! I also put in an order from Gina K for the Stamp for a Cause set, I picked the one for diabetes, as my 13 year old grandaughter has had JD since she was 18 months old! I hope to post some cards made with the Gina K stamps later this week. All I can say is "THANKS CASINO"!!!


diane zechman said...

wow- congrats! You did great! And I'm glad to hear the QK worked great in the Cuttlebug....I have my eye on one of their dies!

Angel said...

That is SOOOO cool!! Congrats to you!!!!