Monday, November 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged~And My MIA Excuses!

I have been tagged by Holly at, so go and visit her for great inspiration and be sure to check out the 5 blogs I am tagging!!! I will be posting new items, soon, we were gone on a mini vacation and I need to catch up my housework, plus its 70 here in Michigan today and I am headed outside to work in winterizing my flower gardens, I'll be back, I promise!!!!
Five things I love:
1. My dog Nellie
2. My grandkids
3. My kids
4. My Hubby
5. Stampin'Up!
Five things I don't love:
1. Credit Cards
2. Overeating
3. Cold Cold Winters
4. Animal Abusers
5. Getting OLD!!!
Five songs on my mp3 player: Well I don't have one, so I'll list 5 fav. songs
1. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
2. Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
3. Party For Two by Shania Twain
4. Amazing Grace
5. Wonderful World by L Armstrong
Five Favorite Foods or Drink:
1. Cheesecake
2. Salads...any
3. Starbucks
4. Squash
5. Pie
Now I have to tag five more bloggers:

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Libby Hickson said...

Oh! Sorry I missed this, thanks for tagging me!!!