Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please Help Bentley

My friend Brenda in Delaware is trying to help a kitty "Bentley" to have surgery to fix his deformed legs. She is asking for donations to help him get this done before it is too late to "fix". Here is a link if you would like to read more about it and to help Bentley out. She says he is very playful and a very happy cat, but he needs to walk right and lead a normal life if possible.
Here is her message I received from her: Bentley is an adorable 5-month old orange kitten who was born with both hind legs severely deformed. He drags the right leg behind him because it cannot hold any weight at all, and the left leg is gradually bending further & further under his body as he grows and gains weight. He "hops" on the left leg for now. His disability does not stop him from getting where he wants to go, or being playful and affectionate, but soon he will not be able to get around without dragging both useless legs and he will most likely develop severe arthritis in all the leg joints, causing constant pain. I have taken him to a surgeon who tells me that luckily the muscles and bones are strong and normal, but the knees are dislocated and cannot hold the weight of his body. Performing the surgery now while he is still young and his bones are flexible will give him the best chance for a better recovery and more mobility as an adult. He will always have a disability, and he will not be able to run or jump, but the hope is that he will at least be able to walk. The surgery will cost $2,500 per leg. The surgeon suggests fixing the worst leg now and hoping that correction will eliminate the necessity for operating on the second leg. His surgery will be shortly after Thanksgiving, with confinement & recovery of 4-6 weeks. Bentley is such a sweet, special kitty; he deserves every possible chance at a more normal, pain-free life. Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity (prayers are greatfully accepted also). Bentley thanks you too!

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bumblebee creations said...

dIANe- do you have an address where this might be sent instead of doing it with credit card? I would love to help but would prefer to send cash or mo. Thanks!