Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank You Rhonda!

My friend Rhonda over at Bumble Creations has given me this great award! Go on over to her blog and look at all her great cards!

I am to pass this on to 2 people, I am giving it to my friend Mary from Primitive Seasons , as she always is very inspiring to me...visit Mary's blog as she has had a hard last few weeks with a family illness and I know could use your prayers and thoughful wishes!

Also to Vicki as I also find her very inspiring!


bumblebee creations said...

You deserved it Diane!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend-glad you are back!!!

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you so very sweet!!! I didn't even know you gave me this girl!! Where have I been???!!! SHEESH!! Thank you ever so much!! I will place this in my slide show at the bottom of my blog!! :)