Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I saw Red Day 2 for me

This is my second day of the "I saw Red" group I joined. Today I am sharing my living room chair, "my chair", this is where I read, do hand sewing, and watch TV. It is also probably the "messiest place in the house, as I always have my "things" around me in this chair.

Now I know it probably looks funny, having fish all over my chair, but keep in mind, I live in a log house, so it fits! My husband bought me this chair the first year we moved here, as I was admiring it (really) in a furniture shop, it came as a surprise one evening, and that was about 12 or 13 years ago, looks pretty good yet, doesn't it? The BIG red ottoman I ordered special, it has become quite a "cat bed"!

The second red item I am showing today is my red lamp that is our "night light" in our kitchen. I got up this morning to find it knocked over (cats), good thing it ended up in a plant, as it was on!!!

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