Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Saw Red Day 5 for me!

Day 5 of I saw Red for me......this one was a hard one, as we have had so much rain, and it has been so dark and gloomy, it was hard to get good photos inside the cabin and outside is steamy and everything is wet and droopy! So, that being the problem, I took a picture of our old red barn, weeds and all! This barn has a little history behind it, it was on my father-inlaws property on his farm down the road. My hubby got the bright idea to move it here and my sister and I made it into a "craft barn" one time a year in the fall and had a 3 day open house. It was great, but in about 3 years we grew so big in our sales, that we outgrew the barn and had to have it in the cabin! Thats another story! Anyhow, he loaded that old barn somehow on some old electrical poles that the electric company had replaced with new ones, bolted the floor to them, and between a bull dozer, backhoe and a front end loader they drug it down the road. Took most of the day, and took up all the road, now keep in mind its a two story barn, it worked pretty good until they tried to make the turn into its new location, and the road was blocked, lets just say "for awhile"! And, can you believe, I never even took one picture of the entire operation! Now the barn is full of some old furniture, lots of mice and those pesky red squirrels have taken up residence, and the cat that was dumped off on us had 6 kittens in an old barrel upstairs, so at least its being used!!

The second picture is of an outside mirror I have on our patio, you can see the trees reflecting in it! Next picure is of our dining room in our lake house "Up North" as we like to call it and the last photo is a vintage apron that is my "curtain" on a small window in my kitchen "here at home"! Tomorrow is the last post for the I see Red.....its been fun!

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