Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Camera Died, So This is a "Fill In"

What a week! They say everything comes in 3's, and I sure do believe it! My 3rd thing to ruin my week was the "death" of my camera! So I have to "fill in" with a photo I had to keep my post up. Since this is Shades of Inspiration week (green), thats what I will post for tonight! As you can see, there is lots of green, the rain we have had in the midwest has had fun knocking petals off in the hundreds!

I am purchasing a new camera tomorrow, and I can figure out how to use it by tomorrow night, I will put a few new pictures on! If its not one thing its another!!! So since I am in a limbo here on my blog, I am keeping busy making some new cards which I will be ready to photograph hopefully tomorrow!

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