Monday, June 9, 2008

Shades of Inspiration*Going Green

Today is my first post for Shades of Inspiration, this week it is green! I will have to give this challenge alot of thought, as there is probably as much green around the cabin as there was red! Because its Monday and back to the "grind" and because of a busy weekend, I haven't had time to get many photos, so I will share my creek side "green" ferns, (I promise I won't show my green lawn). I am also showing a small portion of my rock garden that grows along the front walk. The piece of property the cabin sits on, used to be a mill stream, with mill and all. The cabin actually sits in the place where the mill used to run, but was re-routed long before we bought the house. At the front door embedded in the walk is the original millstone from the mill, (you can just slightly see it in the photo) some point I will post pictures of that and the cabin as well! Have a great week!

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Primitive Seasons said...

3:49 a.m. Don't you EVER sleep!
Seriously, your pics are lovely. I am sure everyone who reads your blog wishes they lived where you do! Keep up the great work!