Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy Friday at the Cabin!

This is the same photo like I took on Monday, just to show how much snow we got last night thru this morning!
These are our steps going up to the garage from the cabin. Looks like "someone" needs to shovel!

We got our next winter blast as predicted. It is snowing buckets right now and I have to laugh, as I have our local news on and they are saying "scattered snow showers"....they need to be here! We live off of Lake Michigan and this is what they call "Lake Effect". Anytime we hear those words we all cringe as we know we will get "dumped" on. We are lucky though as our schools are still open,, about 15 miles North, West and South of here they are closed. Not that they can't handle the snow, its just the secondary roads that get impassable, and as Michigan is broke, the snow plowing is not what it used to be. Tonight it is to be 7 degree's, but we have rain predicted for Thanksgiving with a high temp of 47.......thats Michigan life!
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1 comment:

Libby Hickson said...

Oh how I hope you save some snow for Carter to see when we're in Michigan at Christmas!!!