Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Butterfly Freenzy

If you have read my previous posts, you all know I have been sick with a serious sinus infection...so have not been too  creative lately.....have pretty much been a "couch potato" for the last 2 weeks...guess I caught a virus the same time my computer did...at least I didn't "bite the dust" like my computer did...LOL...but not being one to sit still long, I have had to come up with some things I could do that didn't involve too much activity.....I purchased this wonderful MS Monarch butterfly punch, grabbed my scrap paper and had a butterfly cutting freenzy....now what the heck will I do with all these butterflies?.......think I will do a bunch of matching note cards, a scrapbook page and maybe a few giftie things...well that took about 2 minutes...now what can I do and not move my head too much???


Kelly said...

I just love that punch, in fact I had purchased it months ago but couldn't get it to punch right so I took it back and they didn't have another to replace it. I'll have to give put it back on my list and give it another try.

stampinfrog said...

Love all the butterflies!They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! These are such gorgeous butterflies sweetie!! LOVE them!! :) Sorry to hear you've been sick! Hope you're better!! HUGS