Sunday, May 22, 2011

Card & Tag Combo~What's Blooming In Your Garden Two~Food For Thought

Good Sunday Morning!
I have been up since 3am.....thinking about  life...what it brings to short it is....what you take from it....and sometimes how to deal with it...just random thoughts going thru my mind...enough to keep me awake......
I made another set of a card and tag for the Joan's Gardens Card Challenge and Tag Challenge...I emailed her and asked how many we could enter and her answer was "as many as you want...the more the better"....loved that answer as it relaxes one mind to "create".
I saw the layout for this card in the Papercrafts Go To Sketches designed by Ashley C. Newell.....I changed it a bit by adding embossing across the top and of course my plan is to do each and every sketch in the magazine as there are 282 sketches and some are very different form the normal A2 card.....

My next photo's are part two of "Whats blooming in Your Garden".....notice my cat Kitty Witty laying on the bench (which is getting  a new coat of paint very soon)......the Bachelor Buttons are almost glowing...and yesterday my first orange poppy burst open...hope the others hold off as we have rain predicted all week and its hard on the delicate poppy petals and I hope to be able to enjoy them a bit....the pink flower is my "tree peony"...the blooms are the size of a dessert plate.
the lilacs...the dark purple one was basically grown form a "stick" of a is beautiful...the two tone lilac is one I have been searching for...for five years..called a French is still a small bush with only 2 blooms on it...I found it last year of all places "Lowes"

Last photo is of the wonderful supper I made for my hubby and me last night...though a bit annoyed as he showed up late and didn't get to appreciate my wonderful "presentation" was Southwestern Salmon Steak...recommended by my stepson...and it was super delicious, fresh home grown aspargus grown about 5 miles from here, smashed potatos (recipe from Pioneer Womens blog) and a loaded green salad with poppy seed dressing (which came out of the bottle way too fast)!!

  Long post...hope you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

i get up early and think about so many things...just like you
and then i go to blogville and visit :D
your garden is room on that bench for me Kitty Witty?
lovely dinner...
have a great week Diane :D

Joan Fricker said...

Oh Diane what a nice post to open this morning. Your card and tag are beautiful. Love the colors too.

Beautiful gardens. I thought I had lost my batchlor buttons and after seeing yours I know I did. They are so pretty.

Mom has two tree peonies that I need to dig before the sale. Do you think they will live if I dig them now? That was her last wishes before she went into a coma..for me to make sure I planted them in my garden. I am so afraid of losing them. Any ideas?

Everything looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and especially thanks for another gorgeous entry at Joan's Gardens.


A Consuming Passion said...

It's after 12 at night here and I think sleep is a long way off! You have such a pretty garden no wonder your projects are so pretty .....such inspiration!

Emjay Girling/ Seeing Things Art Apothecarium said...

I just loved your post! After a day of digging in the soil planting flowers your beautiful pictures were a promise of what was to come in my own garden. I think I would like to just sit in your garden while relishing that scrumptious meal. And, of course, your tag is lovely, almost forgot...lost in all the yummies in your post. Cheers♥

Leslie Miller said...

First... lovely card and tag. Really like how you used the three colors on the silhouette image. Very effective! Next, you know, of course, how I love all things garden, and these are beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing them. It means so much to me. Also, dinner looks scrumptious! This would be a favorite meal for me. Asparagus, salmon, salad, gee, even the smashed potatoes -- YUM! Finally, my own thoughts are what are most likely to keep me awake at night. If I'm troubled or unsettled -- sleepless.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous card and tag set! I could get lost in your garden, it is so beautiful. Your dinner looks delicious...if I liked salmon and asparagus...I'll take a double helping of smashed potatos and salad. Poppy seed dressing...yummy!